Thank You...

We appreciate your decision to take traffic school with the "Traffic School Book!" You’re going to love the ease and convenience of our booklet course.

What You Get

The price of the course is only $9.95. This price does not include a mandatory State Assessment Fee of $2.50, which the Florida DHSMV charges for all BDI courses. We charge a small certificate processing fee of $11.55 making our course still the cheapest way to complete traffic school at only $24.00.

  Course Amount:$  9.95
  State of Florida Assessment Fees:$  2.50
  Certificate processing fees:$11.55

We send you everything you need: the traffic booklet and easy-to-follow instructions. You can read at your own pace and—this is the best part—when you take the final exam, you can refer back to the booklet for the answers!

You can mail or fax back your final exam answer sheet, we can grade your test over the phone, or you can take the test online. Your completion certificate is mailed within 1 business day, with expedited shipping options available.

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